When facing a whole new market, especially this market is full of menswear exports and influencers, We still courageous enough to face the whole world to branch in.

Because It is a chance to test our result of recent years of effort, also it is a great way for us to learn the menswear knowledge from the origin of this style and offer others a chance to have one more option to get some high-quality timeless style garments.

In the last two months, from the commence of branching into the international market, we collected a great deal of positive feedback from customers. However, We also have realized that we have so much to learn and so many flaws to polish. Five years ago, we started this brand project, inherited the tailor skills from our designer’s farther, we decided to put ‘1986’ on the logo to memorize his father – ‘That tailor shop supported our whole family when I was born. – @guzhuokangzheng

At the very beginning, we had several tailor shops for customizing heritage style suits for people both are our friends and customers. As we grew up, we gradually realized that we should march into the E-commerce platform and widen our product range. After several years of refining the shapes of all of garments and research into different classic styles, this is the reason why we have such a wide range of product lines – Ivy league, Bespoke, Workwear, Denim, Military.  Although, we have our own specialty and our own sense to perfect those timeless designs.

Like this season we made the denim A-1 Jacket, the blanket Wool lining was the best choice to keep the coldness outside while you still keep your style.

We believe we will continuously bring you guys the best quality products at fairable price.

Let’s stay together, and you will witness us growing up.

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