Calling from Chinese New Year

——Far far away from hometown…

Hello everyone! Good to see you again!

Hope you guys quite enjoyed the first two months of the new year! Only five days left before the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve.

So basically, everyone is on vacation now in China, but as the only one standing on the frontier, I will still be on service and prepareing some good bargin!

– simon
New year celebration!

I guess what is the most intriguing is how a buch of western vintage style fanantics who are all from China gonna celebrate their national level New year Eve in London.

Here is the To-Do-List 👇

  • Well, We will gather our friends,
  • prepare some dinner together,
  • make some dumplings
  • and watch Chinese New Year Gala.
  • Quite traditional but ease our nostalgia.

After this new year short-break, we would love to bring you guys more amazing products continuously.

Good news is – 2020SS has already started being manufactured ! Woo-ho! And We have already started designning 2020AW.

As a chinese brand, we want to use our advantages to offer our customers who share the same interest as every timeless style lover.

We never limited our range to specific style, we believe you can extract inspirations from anyone and everywhere. That’s the reason why we mixed them together to let people creat their own style.

At last, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

Best Wishs!

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