“The darkness before dawn.”

“Some casual notes during this special period, and our next step.”

Hi there!
I hope you are doing well on the first stage of this new year!

“So far, we gotta say, it is not an enjoyable start of the new year.”

Coronaviruses Wuhan

“The Infected area in China.”

The reason why we slowed down a little bit because all of the studios in China paused due to influenza-spreading. We are Looking forward to driving back to the normal routine and make a more prosperous new year.

“Head down, keep marching on.”


This is a really special period.
Hopefully, and we must, overcome this disease.

Now, we are trying our best to prepare for the new season. It is time to give us a new chance to make a new start.

👉In Studio Clearance👈

First of all, all of the in-studio stocks could be posted out immediately from London, will not be affected by the virus.

Meanwhile, we are constantly supporting all of the talented customers and menswear exports, welcome to email me simon@labourunion-1986.com to do a commercial collaboration.

“It will still be a good year, a new start, the darkness before dawn.”

Labour Union Clothing team.
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