How to cut your hair at home- Skills Quick Get in 3 Minutes

Hairstyle Rescue Instruction, Self-learn how to get yourself a haircut by your own

It’s getting warm outside and you want a decent haircut, but the quarantine doesn’t let you go to your beloved barber. What you can do is count on yourself. Especially this period, staying at home and self-learn how to get yourself a haircut on your own,  You will find enjoyment during the self Hair-cutting ( But keep in mind, if you screw this up, you will have to give yourself a buzzcut!)

With the professional tips from  @_goodoldsoul_  barbershop, This instruction is mainly for undercut style, clipper guard is of great help and it could give your courage to do so. A good clipper would make the whole progress smooth and easier, if you enjoy this progress, WHAL is the brand we recommend, or just get a handy one from amazon and don’t forget to oil the clipper and maintain it in a good way.

Let’s get a moment of relief from all of those stressful quarantine messages, maybe giving yourself a self-service could be a really good way to vent all of these stresses out.



You need to know before

  • it would be good to have long hair on the top, like 5 to 10cm (2 to 4
  • you could just trim the edge of it, pomade could help you to keep them well-organized look, no matter how clutter it is.
  • If you want it to look as professional as they always do, the clip is necessary to make it easier to set them into different parts to thin.
    • Although the hardest part is fringe, after all, the sights cannot be blocked, so shortening is needed,
    • The easiest way is to groom your fringe to one side and hold it with your two fingers, stretch it flat and cut the edge even.
  • What you will need at home are your bathroom mirror and a big one behind you so you can make this alone, or a handful small mirror held in your hand, but a full-length mirror is really helpful The position you should keep is to turn your back to the full-length mirror and the other one facing your face.
    • A scissor for the top hair, a clipper with some clipper guards and a detailer for the contours (but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to make the contours or you don’t have the detailer).
  • We would recommend to do this in your bathroom and take off your shirt, there are a few uncomfortable things and little hairs in your shirt that sting you are one of them, believe me, it will get so itchy and you don’t want that. Besides that, it’s not easy to get them out of your shirt again.

The Cutting Steps:

  1. Make your hair wet.
  2.  Section the top and comb all of the hair that you don’t want to cut to the front of your head,
  3.  use the clips so everything will stay in place.
  4.  Make sure you are at the same height on both sides and wide enough or you will end up with a mohawk and make sure that you have a nice round line on the back of your head!
  5. If you like it that way, then start to shave your sides.
  6. If you do this for the first time, it would be better to use the clipper guards and leave the shaved part a bit longer, you can always go shorter! And shave it slowly so you don’t cut away hair that you don’t want short!
  7.  Make sure that everything is well trimmed, go over it like 1 or 2 more times so you don’t miss anything. Know you can make your contours, you candon’t miss anything. Know you can make your contours, you can
  8. always ask someone for help if you can’t make this by yourself. Brush away the hairs and voilà, your undercut is finished!]

Thanks again to our friend Mara and Flo   Good Old Soul. The professional tips and classy taste speak for themselves. If you have a chance to give it a visit, do not miss a newspaper which reports Prohibition and death of Bonnie and Clyde from 1918.

I am sure you will find something you like there.