How to wear the most classic colour for 2020

Pantone announced ‘classic blue’ as the 2020 Color of the Year. As the world’s most generally beloved color, it stands for faithfulness and credibility. Accompanied by the continuity of yesterday. This blue is relaxed, containing a sense of tranquility.

It is worthy to spend a whole year to follow the trend of blue fashion. Labour Union offers a variety of classic items available in blue that will give multiple ways to wear Pantone’s color of the year. Those who are planning to start a new outfit for 2020 may wish to start with these!


Refer to classic blue, The first thing that comes to our mind is denim which can be universally used in colors. Madewell, head of merchandising announced, “At Madewell, we believe that there is nothing more classic than denim, which is why we’ve built our entire collection around it.” For those people who appreciate classical 1940s workwear style, a simple shirt with Workwear Raw Denim Dungarees is a perfect match from the hands of God.

Meanwhile, if you are worried about the weather, try to mix things up a bit by wearing Wabash Type2 Jacket to achieve the double denim look when the temperature turns down.


When it comes to Wabash, a special indigo-dyed look, which had widely used on workwear from the early 1800s through to the early 1900s. Wabash is the best interpretation for classic blue with typical wearings like denim jeans or salt/pepper trousers.


Indigo is one of the most casual ways to wear blue. The plant-based pigment makes you enjoy the color fading from continuous wearing. Meanwhile, to match with denim jeans, showing a perfect shape of body because of the slim-type cut. Finally, try to pair a basic Loafer with a loose jacket, for an effortless but stylish look


If you want to attempt another kind of blue, light blue will be a good choice. “It’s a color that no matter where you live, you look up and see the sky, it’s there.”, the light blue of Blue Jacquard Shirt is easy to be paired in the daily look, grey dress pants, and a light blue long sleeve shirt are amazing when combined together in a classy ensemble. In addition to this, a tie is absolutely like a cherry on the sundae for the whole look.